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Boost your LSAT with Prep Zone Academy

Founded by INSEAD alumni in 2006, Prep Zone Academy is Singapore’s largest and most acclaimed LSAT preparation and application consulting service. Our self-crafted, unique teaching methodology, founded on lifetime access to classes and learning in small groups, has been heralded across the Asian test-prep industry as a new breakthrough standard. Our preparation courses are utilised by thousands of students every year in Singapore as well as countries across Asia.

Ready to tackle the LSAT? Contact us now, and our friendly, dedicated consultants will get in touch with you.

Experienced Trainers

Our LSAT trainers are all graduates from top universities around the world. We have successfully coached hundreds of LSAT candidates over the years.

Unmatched Flexibility

Our individual sessions are customised to your needs, and will be rescheduled as many time as necessary to accommodate your busy schedule.

Learning Online

If you cannot attend the classes physically, we offer the option to deliver the classes online. You will get the same experience with physical classroom learning.

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What is the LSAT?

The LSAT test is offered by LSAC. It is a requirement for nearly all American Bar Association-approved law schools. The LSAT is an integral part of the admission process to law schools in the United States, Canada, as well as a growing number of other countries.  The LSAT test in Singapore will be available on October 14, 2018 and January 27, 2019 and the registration opens on September 4, 2018 and December 27,2018 respectively.

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Not sure how well you would do on the LSAT? Sign up for a free diagnostic test and receive a detailed report once you are done.

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